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JaackMaate's Happy Hour's The Big Fat Massive Hunt

Presented by Phil McIntyres
City Varieties Music Hall
Jack, Stevie, Robbie & Alfie dressed for safari all looking shocked or scared. Jack has binoculars round his neck and the other three are holding on to him out of fear, each holding a lantern, a spyglass or a binoculars case. The silhouette of mountains appears in the background with a sunset sky.

Join Jack, Stevie, Robbie & Alfie as they head out on a magical quest that makes Lord of the Rings look like an uneventful trip to an industrial estate.

Marvel at incredible special effects, unbelievable costumes and an insanely creative plot as the boys embark on Happy Hour’s The Big Fat Massive Hunt*.

*the incredibleness of the special effects, the unbelievability of the costumes and the insane creativity of the plot are subject to personal perspective and do not constitute a legally binding contract!

Event information

Running Time: TBC

Age Guidance: 16+

Triggers and advisories: TBC

Prices include a £2 booking fee and where applicable, a £1.20 charge for postage will be payable 

Boxes are available to book by calling the Box Office on 0113 243 0808 

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