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Higher Education Partnerships

We support a range of BA and MA courses through our partnerships with HE providers, including introductory and in-depth talks and lectures, seminars for active learning, access to our archives, bespoke research projects and career training.


We regularly work in partnership with local higher education providers at our venues, delivering industry-based workshops and tours, internships and training opportunities. At Hyde Park Picture House we offer critical and practical learning opportunities for students at all levels and across diverse film-related fields.

If you have an idea for a collaboration or would like to discuss how our venues could support your students, then please get in touch.

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Every year we work in partnership with regional universities offering teacher training placements.

Past placements have gained hands-on experience in delivering activities for pupils outside of school, and have supported reviews and enhancements of our programme. Vacancies will be advertised when available.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to work in partnership with you, please fill in the form below.


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