It is with a heavy heart that we have learned of the passing of our good friend Kay Mellor. Leeds born and bred, Kay was a pioneer of northern drama and real-life stories, going where no other female writer, director, or actor had gone before. We’re deeply proud and humbled to have been chosen as the home venue for her two stage premieres, Fat Friends The Musical (2017) and Band of Gold (2019) – both of which were huge success stories, as was everything that Kay turned her hand to. The hearts and thoughts of our theatre family are with her family, who we are also blessed to call friends of our theatres.

Paul the Marketing Officer lying dead at the bottom of a red carpeted set of stairs

Murder At The Grand

In honour of Cluedo arriving at Leeds Grand Theatre from 22-26 March, the staff at LHT have been playing their own murder mystery across social media this week. Here is a round up in case you missed it!

Our very own Marketing Officer, Paul, was found dead on the steps of the Emerald Grand Hall. But whodunnit?! Someone within the building must have been responsible, but who? And…with what?!

Written by Ellen Carnazza and Bryony Jameson.

The Victim

Marketing Officer Paul dead on the staircase

Paul, Marketing Officer

Paul was a bit of a troublemaker at Leeds Heritage Theatres so most of the departments had reasons for wanting him gone!

However, we narrowed it down to five key suspects who were all spotted near the Emerald Grand Hall wielding a potential weapon around the time of his death.

During questioning, they each came up with a excuse for being near the murder scene with their respective object. But do you believe their alibis? And who has the strongest motive?

Let’s see if you can you work out whodunnit…

The Suspects

The Killer

So, whodunnit… Ian with the bottle of prosecco? Imogen with the feather boa? Mark with the poster tube? Pat with the telephone cord? TJ with the podger?

Well, the clued-in among you may have noticed a key flaw in one of their alibis which meant that one of our suspects was lying to us about their whereabouts the whole time…

The Front of House team told us that Ian would never be seen restocking the bars!

We pounced on this suspicious behaviour and finally gained a confession.

The killer is…

Ian the House Manager looking threatening and holding a bottle of prosecco over his head

Ian the House Manager, with a bottle of prosecco, on the steps of the Emerald Grand Hall!

And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for your meddling followers!”

So there you have it! Ian, our House Manager, lost his temper and killed Paul for eating all the ice cream. Thanks to our social media detectives, the killer is locked up and Leeds Grand Theatre (and its ice cream…) is now safe!

Join us for Cluedo from 22-26 March for more detective work and an evening of fun, exciting and hilarious entertainment.