It is with a heavy heart that we have learned of the passing of our good friend Kay Mellor. Leeds born and bred, Kay was a pioneer of northern drama and real-life stories, going where no other female writer, director, or actor had gone before. We’re deeply proud and humbled to have been chosen as the home venue for her two stage premieres, Fat Friends The Musical (2017) and Band of Gold (2019) – both of which were huge success stories, as was everything that Kay turned her hand to. The hearts and thoughts of our theatre family are with her family, who we are also blessed to call friends of our theatres.

Cluedo cards with Miss Scarlett at the front

Michelle Collins Interview

Michelle Collins takes on the role of her lifetime!

“We all need a bit of glamour in our lives, don’t we darling?” says Michelle Collins. The glamour in question comes in a role she has dreamed about since she was just a little girl, that of Miss Scarlett, the most glamorous and potentially most deadly member of the cast of Cluedo, the new play based on the film Clue and murderous board game that Michelle was obsessed with as a child.

“We all wanted to be Miss Scarlett,” says Michelle, famous for parts in EastEnders, where she played Cindy Beale for a total of eight years and then Stella Price in Coronation Street for another three, though she’s also been in everything from Doctor Who through Casualty.

“Miss Scarlett is one of the most iconic characters, along with Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum maybe, which makes it more difficult to play,” she goes on. “Me and my sister would go and stay with my five cousins and we would all fight for that part but because I’m the bossy one, I would always get it,” she laughs.

“And I think because of lockdown people have gone back to board games, just to be together really.” Then she remembers how her mum once bought her a board game that turned out – to her horror! – to be a Ouija board: “Doing séances at the age of 10! But it’s funny that board games have brought us back together. When you find out that Cluedo was actually invented during the Second World War, when people were stuck at home during air raids, almost out of boredom!” It adds a lovely dollop of nostalgia to the fun – and the murder! – of Cluedo.

Michelle Collins in a red dress with long black gloves

Michelle Collins as Miss Scarlett

It may sound a bit of a strange concept, a play based on a film based on a board game but to Michelle it makes perfect sense. “It’s a comedy whodunit,” she says of the story of a group of disparate people who turn up to a mansion one dark and stormy night at the behest of the one person they all have in common: their blackmailer.  “We are in the hands of the perfect director in Mark Bell…” he did the smash-hits The Play That Goes Wrong and A Comedy about A Bank Robbery. “It takes a very particular director to get the best out of something as fun and escapist as this.”

As for her character… ‘I’ll have to have my own take on her but it’s really exciting to play someone who, like most women, has more going on than you see on the surface. She has a history. She’s very smart, looks glam and dressed up but she’s the smart cookie. I’ve never seen the film but I might swerve it because this will be very different: very funny, very dry, a little dark at times but ultimately great entertainment. And I think it’s the perfect climate for something feel-good like this. People are desperate to get back to the theatre…”

A man in a trenchcoat and a woman in a red dress stand looking out at the audience
The cast of Cluedo in a group holding up props matching the colour of their costumes
Actors in costume leaning over in a row to listen at a door - each holds up a glass to the person in front to hear better

And Michelle has had a tougher time than most – “a real rubbish year” she calls it – quite apart from losing all her work. “I was in the middle of doing Pinter’s The Birthday Party,” she says, “Meg, a dream role. Then I was doing a one-woman show in Edinburgh and that had to close… but I’m so excited to be doing Cluedo.”

Normality is something Michelle is definitely looking forward to after her ‘real rubbish year’. “My mum died,” she says, when you ask how bad things have been. “And a really good friend of mine died of Covid and I was quite ill for a while. It’s been horrible. My mum was fine during Covid but she had cancer and couldn’t have her immunotherapy treatment through lockdown: she was on a trial and it was really keeping her going. But I feel like she’s giving me her blessing because she always knew I was happiest when I was working. She would want me to push forward.”

The last time she went out on a major tour like this one was in the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when her 25-year-old daughter was just a child. “And I’ve actually got friends in most of the places we’re visiting, so it will be fun to see them,” she says. “Touring can be hard but you get used to living out of a suitcase and my partner will come and see me. It’s just the doggies that are the problem. You can sometimes have them with you, some theatres are dog-friendly…”

So, is Miss Scarlett the one to watch? You can’t help but wonder as Michelle gets back to watching the films she has to vote on for BAFTA, something she’s been catching up on in her dressing room. Is it her in the library with a revolver? Or Professor Plum in the library with a candlestick? She taps her nose conspiratorially. “Well, you’ll just have to come along and find out, won’t you?” she laughs.

Cluedo is at Leeds Grand Theatre from Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 March 2022. Book tickets here.

Michelle Collins in a red dress holding a gold candlestick

Michelle Collins as Miss Scarlett