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An audience at the Hyde Park Picture House in the auditorium.

Autism-friendly screenings for families at Hyde Park Picture House

We want everyone to feel at home at Hyde Park Picture House. For autistic and neurodiverse audiences, standard screenings can sometimes feel overwhelming so, on Sunday mornings at 11am, we have regular Autism-friendly screenings with adjustments like a reduced capacity and no trailers.

Written by the Hyde Park Picture House Team


For autistic and neurodiverse audience members, lots of aspects of cinema can be stressful and overwhelming. We’re keen to make Hyde Park Picture House a safe and happy environment for all which is why we have introduced regular Autism-friendly screenings at 11am on Sundays. These were previously called Relaxed screenings, but we have changed the name to avoid confusion since there is a relaxed, informal element to all our Hyde & Seek screenings, with specific additional adjustments at our Autism-friendly screenings.

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