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SIX cast led by Catherine Parr in the middle singing

All we need is SIX

With SIX returning to The Grand this week, we decided to celebrate the growing love for the musical that is taking the theatre world by storm.

We reached out across our social media channels to find out your favourite Queens, which songs you can’t stop ‘getting down’ to, and what YOU love about the show.

Written by Bryony Jameson.

One of a kind, no category

SIX was one of our shows sadly affected by the pandemic. With tickets originally going on sale in autumn 2019 for summer 2020, the show was rescheduled for June 2021 for it to then be socially distanced. Although some audience members were able to come, sadly a lot of bookers have been waiting for over two years. The wait is finally over…

The excitement has certainly been building over on Facebook:

“This is probably one of the best things I’ve seen. I saw it in London it was brilliant. You won’t be disappointed” – Pat

“Can’t wait to see this. We’ve been waiting two years for it” – Tina

For those that did manage to see the show last summer, here’s a little taster of what audience members were saying on Twitter:

“Just got back from @sixthemusical UK Tour and I am buzzing! An absolutely fantastic and empowering show. ALL HAIL THE QUEENDOM!!” – @bran_RobCon

“What a fab night last night, quite overwhelming after so long doing something ‘normal’ the wives were amazing, the band were great and all the staff were efficient and made it a great night!” – @sarahprince71

Over on Instagram, @madeleine.partland, made her own costume in honour of her favourite queen, Anne Boleyn. We absolutely LOVE it. Are you dressing up for the occasion this week? Please tag us in your photos!

Fan of SIX wearing a homemade Anne Boleyn costume and mask at The Grand last year

@madeleine.partland at The Grand last summer in her homemade Anne Boleyn costume.

Who is your Queen of the Castle?

The show itself sees the Queens battle it out over who had the worst deal with Henry VIII. So, just for fun, we decided to hold our own little contest. Over on Twitter we ran a poll to find out who your favourite Queen was.

The results:

  1. Katherine Howard
  2. Anne Boleyn
  3. Catherine of Aragon
  4. Catherine Parr
  5. Anne of Cleves
  6. Jane Seymour
Cast of SIX posing on the steps at the back of the stage

Credit Johan Persson

Your top tunes to Get Down to

Over on Instagram we wanted to know your favourite tunes in the show that have you singing in the shower or dancing in the dining room. Here’s what our followers voted:

  1. Six
  2. Don’t Lose Ur Head
  3. All You Wanna Do
  4. Ex-Wives
  5. Get Down
  6. Haus of Holbein
  7. No Way
  8. (Joint) I Don’t Need Your Love & Heart of Stone
The Queens led by Anne of Cleves in Get Down

Credit Johan Persson