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Sarah Jane Morris: Sweet Little Mystery

Presented by Fallen Angel Limited
City Varieties Music Hall
Sarah Jane Morris smiles as she hugs two band members.

A tribute to the music of John Martyn, with Tony Remy and Tim Cansfield.

Sarah Jane Morris’ magnificent soul voice and emotional power has garnered praise and admiration worldwide for over 30 years. Inspired by the unwavering belief in the power of song to change hearts and minds, Sarah Jane has always followed her own star. That independence has brought her a loyal audience; devoted to her feisty, independent musical style.

John Martyn was a sublime genius, and an innovative musical talent who sadly died at 60. He produced a canon of music that is both breathtakingly bold and achingly tender in its complex, atmospheric beauty. Martyn’s music influenced a generation of his peers, friends and fans alike. His contribution continues to resonate many years after his passing. He has picked up endless acclaim worldwide from those fortunate enough to be seduced by his unique voice and instrumental mastery; and his music will live forever in the annals of popular music history.

Sarah Jane, through her own brilliant interpretive vocal talents, has picked up this torch to shine a light on this great musical maverick, illuminating his life’s work. As a woman she can demonstrate Martyn’s gifts through filters of her own vocal identity and her commitment to sexual politics which might seem at odds with the dark, pained side of John Martyn – but which, in practice, makes it possible for her to re-invent his art without fear of pastiche.

After a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Festival, they were presented with the Lustrum Award for Greatest Show Moments.

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