Luisa Omielan: God Is A Woman

Presented by Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
City Varieties Music Hall
Luisa Omielan's face has been added to a traditional image of Jesus. On her chest is a picture of a dog.

Fresh from a successful off-Broadway run, comedian Luisa Omielan tours the UK with her highly anticipated God Is A Woman show.

“How different would the world be if women’s stories had been included more in the Bible? Did you know that Adam had a first wife before Eve? Her name was Lilith and she left Adam because she wanted to do reverse cowgirl and he would only do missionary – they didn’t mention THAT in the creation myth.”

At a time of pandemics and global warming, we all turn to spirituality for hope and purpose, so let’s hear about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus and cunnilingus, courtesy of BAFTA breakthrough act winning Luisa Omielan – now that’s a Sunday school we all would have stayed awake in!

Luisa already has three ground breaking hit shows under her belt. First, she asked What Would Beyonce Do?! (sell out across the UK and Australia, is what she would do!), then she asked Am I Right Ladies?! and her thigh gap joke went viral with over 45 million views. Then she turned to politics and got a show on the BBC entitled Politics for Bitches. So the next logical step was for Luisa to bring her unique genre of comedy to religion – expect Mary Magdalene and dick jokes.

And yes, Luisa will be accompanied on stage by her partner in crime, Bernie – the funniest Bernese mountain dog on the block.

‘The biggest stand up hit of the decade’

‘She should be put on the national curriculum’

‘One of the most powerful and provocative hours on The Fringe’

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