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La Voix: Injection of Fun

Presented by Red Hot Live Limited
City Varieties Music Hall
La Voix

2021 needs a heroine. Is she a bird? Is she plain? No! It’s La Voix; the hilarious, singing superhero with big hair and an even bigger heart. A goddess in glitter. A superhero in spanx. A warrior in a wonder-bra. She came to earth with powers far beyond those of other mortal entertainers.

Just when you thought the good times had ended, she flies in to inject life, love and laughter into every theatre in the land. Using her amazing super-powers, she can bend steel with her own hands…ok well maybe not that. Her greatest power is to entertain. Fun is her middle name (actually it’s Pam but that sounded boring). She’ll stop at nothing until her audience are rolling in the aisles and grinning from ear to ear. More fun than you’ve ever have had on a family Zoom quiz. In times of darkness, the world may not be ready for all that she can do to make it a better place… are you?

Her 2021 tour is a never-ending quest for roaring laughter and blasting entertainment. Stay alert, come and join the party. Don’t stay at home, let’s make entertainment great again.

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On sale to Priority Members from Tue 15 December, 10am.
General on sale Wed 16 December, 10am.

Running Time: TBC

Age Guidance: 14+

*Prices include a £1 booking fee. Where applicable, a £1 charge for postage will also be payable.

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