Kezia Gill: Pour Me A Strong One Live

Presented by Kezia Gill
Kezia Gill sits on a sofa in slippers holding a glass of whiskey. There is a guitar leaning on the sofa and a pair of high heels on the floor.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic saw the immediate end of live music performances. For singer songwriter Kezia Gill, this meant having to think of a new way to connect with her fans. It was this need to adapt that spawned the Pour Me A Strong One sessions; a weekly Facebook live stream every Friday night at 8pm, where Kezia could entertain her fans from all over the world from the comfort of her own sofa, in her favourite comfy slippers, with a glass of whiskey at her side.

This fantastic one night only show is a celebration of the sessions and the devoted ‘Friday Night Crew’ that tuned in throughout.

Expect the sofa, expect the slippers and expect a night to remember!

Event information

Running Time: 2hrs 15mins

*Prices include a £1 booking fee. Where applicable, a £1 charge for postage will also be payable.