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John Shuttleworth's Back Again!

Comedian John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth’s bad back is much better now, thank you, so he can safely punch the air once more as he performs all the faves from his pre-lockdown tour: Blue Light Kettle, Rapidly Downhill and I Covet Joan’s Berlingo, not to mention classics like Y Reg, I Can’t Go Back To Savoury and Pigeons in Flight. Expect too fantastic new ditties written during lockdown, including Stay at Home and Protect the VHS. The songs will be interrupted by hilarious phone calls from Ken, Mary and Joan Chitty, plus John’s tips on how to cope with modern home life, as described in his stylish new(ish) book Two Margarines and other Domestic Dilemmas! As seen recently in Ricky and Ralph Go Out (Dave).

‘A ludicrously compelling night out’

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Running Time: TBC
*Prices include a £1 booking fee. Where applicable, a £1 charge for postage will also be payable.

Boxes are available to book by calling the Box Office on 0113 243 0808.

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