Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time

Presented by Phil McIntyres
City Varieties Music Hall
Ed Byrne is wearing glasses and a black suit. The background is a red sky with a clock faded behind. The image seems to be a smashed mirror with cracks spreading throughout.

Attributed to Mark Twain, humour is defined as Tragedy Plus Time. Join Ed Byrne as he tests that formula by mining the most tragic event in his life for laughs.

‘Hilarious, extremely dark, profoundly touching and resolutely unsentimental. Ed Byrne has plumbed the very depths of his soul and found something verging on greatness.’
Rolling Stone

‘This is no misery memoir, Byrne is too talented a comic for that’
The Arts Desk

‘Poignant, touching, spiky and laugh-out-loud funny. Beautifully written and flawlessly performed.’
Edinburgh Reviews

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Running Time: TBC

Age Guidance: 14+

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