Samuel Pope (Robin Hood) and Lucy Keirl (Maid Marian) sing together as fireworks erupt.

Act 1

It’s May Day, and the Sheriff of Nottingham has canceled festivities to collect more taxes! Enter outlaw Robin Hood, fighting against the law and returning hard-earned gold to the peasants.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff receives a letter from his ailing brother Cecil, instructing him to care for his two ‘babes’ and protect their fortune. The Sheriff, with sinister intentions, plans to take their money and hires Nursemaid Nanny Nellie Nightnurse to look after the children. To their surprise, the ‘babes’ are two London teens named Regina and Rowena, discontented about their predicament.

In a cunning move, the Sheriff crosses Sherwood Forest to regain his gold disguised as Maid Marian, hoping the Merry Men won’t recognise him. However, Robin Hood sees through the disguise, seizes the Sheriff’s gold, and sends him on his way.

Back in the city, the real Maid Marian envisions a future beyond castle walls. The Sheriff returns, vowing to keep her captive. Marian convinces Numbskull, the Sheriff’s secretly enamored assistant, to aid her escape.

The Sheriff meets Nellie with Regina and Rowena, realising they’re not the children he expected. He plots their disposal, searching for a ruthless soldier. Disguised as a castle guard, Marian passes by, prompting the Sheriff to assign her and Numbskull to ‘dispatch’ the Babes and Nellie in the forest. Marian leads them towards what seems like doom, only to reveal her true identity in Sherwood. She instructs them to search for the Merry Men. Nellie doesn’t hesitate. Robin arrives, mistakes Marian for a real Castle Guard, and they engage in a fierce fight. Marian prevails as Nellie and the Babes return, each with a Merry Man.

A new gang of outlaws emerges, ready to defy injustice and defend the poor, breaking the law with hero Robin Hood at the forefront!


Hannah Baker (Rowena), Louisa Beadel (Regina) and Lucy Keirl (Maid Marian) in Robin Hood, singing into microphones together. Credit Ant Robling

Hannah Baker (Rowena), Louisa Beadel (Regina) and Lucy Keirl (Maid Marian). Credit Ant Robling

Kemi Clarke and Finn Torkington strike poses as they dance.

Credit Ant Robling

Simon Nock dressed in silver armour holds a silver hobby horse and smiles at the camera.

Credit Ant Robling

Act 2

It’s party time in Sherwood Forest, and Nellie has set her sights on a hesitant Little John. Meanwhile, back at the Castle, the Sheriff is still reeling from Maid Marian’s escape. However, his spirits are lifted by the arrival of Rowena and Regina’s fortune. A dilemma arises as the chest of gold is guarded by two individuals who will only surrender it to the babes themselves. Fortunately, the Sheriff devises a cunning plan involving Numbskull, Portcullis, and the dressing-up box.

Love is in the air in Sherwood, with Much and Will making efforts to impress Rowena and Regina. Later, Marian imparts some valuable advice on love and life to the Babes. Numbskull interrupts with news of an archery competition at the castle for Britain’s Best Bowman. Marian suspects a trap, but Robin, confident in his abilities, disguises himself and heads to Nottingham with Nellie. The town gathers for the competition, but despite Robin and Nellie’s best efforts, they are captured and thrown into the castle dungeons.

Word of their predicament reaches Marian, prompting her to head straight for the castle. In the dungeons, Robin and Nellie face trouble, but just as things are about to worsen, Marian arrives and saves the day. The Sheriff is defeated, and the townspeople elect a new sheriff—Norbert Numbskull. All is set right in Nottingham, and three weddings are celebrated. However, Nellie still awaits Little John’s affirmative response!