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Leeds Grand Theatre and City Varieties Light up in Red

01/10/20 Leeds Grand Theatre and City Varieties Light up in Red

On 30 September, Leeds Grand Theatre and City Varieties Music Hall were lit up in red to support the We Make Events campaign, drawing attention to the million people in our industry who have had no work since March. These include lighting, sound designers and engineers such as Jason Salvin who co-ordinated lighting our buildings as part of his work with Leeds based Production Light & Sound

Jason has long been connected to Leeds Heritage Theatres’ venues and they are close to his heart;

“My connection with the venues goes back to the start of my career. I started at the Varieties in 1987 on work experience, then got employed full time in 1988 when I left school as Deputy Stage Manager. A few years later a position came available at the Grand so I joined the electrics team. For the last 9 years I’ve worked back at the Varieties as Lighting Designer for the Rock and Roll Pantos. Of course, I would be devastated to see the venues close, a real big loss to the city.

Of course, the industry is finding it really difficult at the moment, live music, theatre and corporate events have all stopped and with no real sign of going back anytime soon we all face a bleak time ahead. Production Light & Sound saw all our work cancel or at best postpone back in March, since then we’ve worked only a hand full of jobs, certainly not enough to meet our outgoings.”

The LightitinRed campaign was part of a day of action on 30 September, calling on the government to provide much needed support to those behind the scenes at all live events. Many people in the industry are self-employed and have seen all work disappearing whilst being ineligible for many of the job support schemes provided.

Leeds Heritage Theatres stands in solidarity with all those without whom our industry would not survive. We depend on them as they depend on us.

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